Below are some of the frequently asked questions !

Here we attempt to answer some of the questions that pop up often in your mind. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, get in touch with us !

Apart from having passion for teaching, you

  • should be a member of SkillMD community.
  • should have a few years of teaching and/or clinical practice experience.
  • should have a thorough knowledge of at least one medical topic.
  • should have a dedicated Zoom account just for SkillMD (a Free Basic account.)
  • you should have a PayPal account*. (If you don’t have PayPal, we can do monthly payments by Bank Transfer.)
  • should have a reliable, stable internet connection.

In our platform, we have two awesome features! Class and Appointment.


Class: here, you take an online class over Zoom for 20 – 40 students; towards this, you can schedule a class, mentioning the topic and time and fees, and it will be published on the site so that the interested students can see and join. (Very similar to an e-commerce marketplace!)


Appointment: here you give 1-to-1 consultation to other medical professionals who require precious second opinion.


NOTE: Both Class and Appointment are arranged by the tutor himself/herself using the unique Dashboard allotted to him/her after registration. SkillMD will not be conducting or arranging the classes at any stage.

As far as hardware is concerned, a laptop/desktop with good processing power, minimum of 8 GB RAM, and broadband Internet connectivity is required. Power backup definitely is an add-on in case your area has electricity issues.


You should take, at least, 2 free classes in the beginning to familiarize with the features of our site and with that of Zoom. (Why this is interesting? See the next question and answers.)


That will take care of all the training you need to kickstart your sessions on SkillMD.

As mentioned before, we require you to take 2 Free Trial Classes to get familiarized with the features of Zoom and SkillMD.

This will help you build an audience and also will give you insights on the topics that your students are in dire need.

At SkillMD, we value your time and the effort you put in for the video session that you take.

That is why, we promise to credit USD 40 to your account here as an Honorarium, after the 2 classes are finished. The classes should have at least 25 students each in both the classes.

You can view the credit of USD 40 in your account at Dashboard, and you can withdraw it next month. (Note: The threshold limit for payout is USD 100.)

This amount is not a reflection of your worth or credentials to teach but this is our token of appreciation for your time, effort and energy amidst your busy schedule.

NO ! 

We require the user to use a New Basic Free Account at Zoom (and not the existing account) so the user can start with a clean slate.

The reason, is after you sign up as Tutor, we send a Zoom invite requesting you to add your account to the SkillMD network.

Using existing Zoom account envisages, sharing all details and records relating to that account with the owner viz. SkillMD which we do not want under any circumstances.

That is why, we suggest the user to create a new account at Zoom so that he/she can start with a clean slate. This new account will be used only for the purpose of teaching at SkillMD platform.

No. Since you are using a new account, SkillMD CAN access ONLY those details which are related to the classes conducted and scheduled at SkillMD.

The process of getting listed as a Tutor on SkillMD is extremely simple and quick. You just need to fill out the registration form along with your social media credentials and other proof that show your expertise in the field you want to teach.

After receiving your application, we will email you asking you to accept our Invitation to join our network as a tutor in Zoom. 

Within 2-4 days, you will be onboarded as a Tutor and you’d be allotted a Store Page where you can list your Classes and a Dashboard where you can monitor your remuneration.

After your application for tutor is accepted, you’ll receive an email from us giving you the link of your Dashboard.


How to create your first class:

–You’ll have to create a Zoom meeting, mentioning the topic and the time.


–After creating the meeting, you’ll have to create a Class, mentioning the fees for attending the class, along with the contents that will be discussed in the class. Don’t forget to link the Class with the Zoom meeting that you created in the previous step.


After creating the Class, you’ll have to submit it for review.

The class will be published in a few hours – assuming all the fields are filled in correctly – and it will be available for all the users.


Note: Dashboard contains a Knowledgebase to help tutors. In case they any help, they can always ask for help using ‘direct message or ‘support’ option.

Medicine is a vast field and everyday there are some new breakthroughs in diagnoses and there are technological advancements in treatment methods.


So, it is solely up to the teacher to decide upon the topic he/she wants to teach. There are 100 + courses in the  portal and the teacher can take up one of the courses to teach. Or the tutor can choose to share his/her expertise on latest developments in the field of medicine.

Yes ! Since you would be only taking video classes, you can teach in any language. But, make sure to mention the language of the class in the listing.

This site is in English, but, there is NO restriction that you should teach only in English. See answer to previous question.

Since topic, time and price are decided by the teacher, the figure can only be a tentative one at this moment. But, we can hazard guess that a teacher who takes 20 classes in a month (20 classes of 30 minutes each) with low fees (say USD 1.99 per student)– with 30 students – on an average can make USD 860 per month. 


(In practice, this could be much more than that. Again, this depends on the topic, fees per student and the number of students per class.)


Just like in Clinical Practice, initially the number of students paying and joining the video class sessions might be low, but, in a few months, the number of participants will surely increase. 


Payments for tutors earning above US 100 are made before 7th of succeeding month, after deducting our charges which is fixed at 28% at present. Charges levied by payment gateway merchants for transactions, and other promotional discounts are borne by us.

We understand that, you, being an active professional in the business of saving lives, won’t able to allot time consistently for taking classes.


That is why, we’ve given you the freedom to choose: you can take just one class in the entire month OR you can take one class per day over the entire month.


At SkillMD, you teach at a time  convenient to you and your students.


With the available tools and features, you can adjust your availability to teach on SkillMD anytime and be visible to a large community of students.

Yes, you will be able to cancel and/or re-schedule the class if you are unable to take the class due to some unforeseen emergency. In that case, we’ll have to refund the students (who opt for refund instead of the re-scheduled class) and the refund charges will be deducted from your monthly payout.


Note: We’re aware that a tutor would cancel his/her class only as a last resort, but, a class promised to students much before and cancelled at the last minute, would reflect badly not only on us, but, would also affect the rating of the tutor. We urge our tutors that they should cancel or reschedule their sessions only on the rarest of rare occasions.

Yes, you can ! You can submit us the content created by you based on your students requirements, and we shall, after review, include it as a new or part of a course. Please note, the courses are free for the users.

Payouts are done on monthly basis. All payouts are released before 7th of succeeding month to our Teachers.

SkillMD Class is a highly flexible platform that will enable you to teach whenever you can. It all depends on your availability to teach online.


You’d be taking classes that are of 30-minute duration; you can take maximum of 30 classes in a month. (This is likely to be modified later.)

  • We expect all our tutors to act subscribing to our vision ‘Knowledge without boundaries and Education Without Barriers’
  • We expect our tutors to understand the learning requirements of the student and suggest a learning plan and solution for him/her.
  • In short, our tutor is someone who is keen to share his/her knowledge and offer life-saving solutions to other professionals sitting in another corner of the world.

Yes, you can !

At the end of the series, SkillMD will send the certificates signed by you to the participants. This will help you increase your audience !

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