Food poisoning is an illness caused by bacteria or other pathogens in food.

Knowing about the causes and effects of food poisoning will help the students and the healthcare professionals in good stead in their clinical practice.

Food poisoning causes anything from mild to severe acute discomfort and may leave the patient temporarily dehydrated. Many bacteria can cause food poisoning. People who are ill or infected can transmit staphylococcus bacteria to food they are preparing. People who eat or drink contaminated food or water can get travelers’ diarrhea, usually caused by the bacterium E. coli.

In this session, I am going to talk about the bacterial causes of food poisoning.

At the end of the session, the students would get to know about the causes and effects of food poisoning and the methods of prevention. The session will be highly useful to students and healthcare professionals.



Topic: Understanding Food Poisoning
Hosted By: SkillMD Admin
Start: Monday, September 12, 2022 17:00
Duration: 30 minutes
Current Timezone: Asia/Kolkata

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